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Plasma products… and their various uses in practice

ECC | Internal Medicine | 60 mins | £20+VAT

In this lecture we will review the various types of plasma products available in clinical practice, alongside why we should consider choosing one product over the other. This will involve…

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Practical neurolocalization: An easy way to localize neurological conditions

Neurology | 52 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar offers a very practical way of learning neurolocalization. Thirteen case-based exercises with a detailed explanation of the key neurological signs of each neurolocalization.

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Practical use of anti-thrombotics

Internal Medicine | ECC | 75 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar explores the use of anti-thrombotic medication in dogs and cats including the conditions in which they are indicated, alongside the preferred medication, dose, and frequency. The use of…

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Practice Culture: ‘How things are done’ within your team and what you can do?

Personal Development | 61 mins | £20+VAT

Culture is a word that is often heard when challenges are faced within practice teams. Whether the challenges relate to team recruitment/retention, wellbeing, patient safety or efficiency and profitability, there…

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Pre-clinical mitral valve disease: Decision making

Cardiology | None | 22 mins | £20+VAT

Ever struggle with decision making in staging your myxomatous mitral valve disease patients? This webinar is aimed at helping you through this decision making process whether you are using echocardiography,…

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Principles of skin reconstruction

Soft Tissue Surgery | 82 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar will focus on the principles of surgical reconstruction, applying Halsted’s tenets to minimise complications and categorising the possible skin reconstructive surgeries in small animals to help make sensible…

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Proteinuria…The Medical Unicorn

Internal Medicine | 70 mins | £20+VAT

The investigation and management of proteinuria in dogs and cats can be challenging. Proteinuria can be a consequence of many disease processes, but it can also be found as an…

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Pyrexia of Unknown Origin

Internal Medicine | 60 mins | £20+VAT

Pyrexia is a common consequence of many disease processes. It is natural to want to treat the abnormal temperature, despite not being sure of the underlying cause. This webinar takes…

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Radiation therapy in small animals: What do I need to know?

Oncology | 68 mins | £20+VAT

Radiotherapy (RT) is a treatment modality based on the use of ionizing radiation, and it is mainly used to treat cancer. In the last 2 decades, RT has become an…

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Radiography positioning in practice

Diagnostic Imaging | 51 mins | £20+VAT

In this webinar, Mairi Frame (BVMS DVR MRCVS Dip ECVDI FHEA PgCert Dig Ed) will discuss how to approach diagnostic imaging in practice. This will include positioning requirements, how to…

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