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Surgery Q&A Session with Prof Jon Hall (01/07/2021)

Soft Tissue Surgery | 62 mins | £20+VAT

In this live Q&A Scott discuss all things soft tissue surgery with Professor Jon Hall. We answer your questions, particularly focusing of gastrointestinal tract surgery. We discuss antibiotic use, suture…

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Test your knowledge: ‘Echo’

Cardiology | 23 mins | £20+VAT

Test your echocardiography evaluation and knowledge with these 6 cases all based on 2-D right sided views.

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Test your knowledge: ECG’s

Cardiology | 30 mins | £20+VAT

We hope that this webinar will allow you to become more confident in interpreting ECG’s. There are 6 ECG sections to work through, pausing on the slides as you go….

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The neurological exam

Neurology | 30 mins | £20+VAT

The neurological exam can be one of the most challenging examinations to perform… second only to ophthalmology. Here we look at a logical approach to the neurological exam, with lots…

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Thoracic Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

Clinical Skills | 19 mins | FREE

Do you feel under confident in performing focused thoracic ultrasound in the emergency setting? This webinar talks you through various techniques that enable evaluation of the thorax in the dyspneic…

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Thoracic radiography: A cardiologist’s perspective

Cardiology | 103 mins | £20+VAT

Thoracic radiographs can be difficult to interpret. This webinar reviews normal radiographic anatomy with a focus on the cardiovascular system and lungs. It then goes through various abnormalities associated with…

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Top 5 tips for managing anxiety

Wellbeing & Personal Development | 10 mins | FREE

It would be unusual if we were not feeling an element of anxiety at the moment but how can we help ourselves and others in our daily work and through…

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Urinary Tract Infections: Step away from the antibiotics

Internal Medicine | 72 mins | £20+VAT

Urinary tract infections are some of the most common cases that are seen in small animal practice. In this webinar we look at the best way to diagnose and manage…

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Wall-E Nurse Edition: Can you scan? Yes, you can!

Diagnostic Imaging | 56 mins | £20+VAT

In this webinar we will be discussing how best to utilise your ultrasound machine in a nurse focussed session, instead of it just sitting and gathering dust. We will look…

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What’s new in IMHA?

ECC | 90 mins | £20+VAT

In this webinar we will discuss the most effective ways to diagnose IMHA and consolidate your knowledge on the pathophysiology of the disease. We will also review the most recent…

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