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We are top providers of veterinary CPD. The veterinary thought exchange was founded in 2019 by RCVS and EBVS Veterinary Specialists Scott Kilpatrick and Liz Bode. The vision for vtx is to provide high-quality, friendly veterinary CPD that both educates and inspires our colleagues, delivered in a professional and compassionate manner.


vtx provides small animal CPD for both clinical and non-clinical colleagues within the veterinary sector. We offer online webinars that can be accessed at any time and watched at your convenience (as we understand how busy life can be, both in and out of work). vtx encourages members to tell us what interests them so that we can endeavour to cover these topics for them in the appropriate format.


vtx realise and understand that your mental health and well-being is just as important as your academic health in your daily role. For that reason, we want to support you in fulfilling both of these equally using our online content and our CPD day events. We provide thought-provoking content and ideas that will get you thinking about the way that you work, how others connect with you and to understand the cues for when others might need that additional support.


Now for the best part. Here at vtx we want to provide you with an ‘exchange’. Not only are we providing you with online webinar and CPD day events; where we aim to educate and provide support to our members and the wider community, but we are also offering personalised consultations and specialist clinical advice regarding the cases in your care.

“Some of the best CPD I have attended has been listening to Scott. He is funny, engaging, interesting and definitely knows his stuff. Wouldn’t hesitate to book CPD if Scott was talking.”

Emma Russell, RVN

“I have known Scott for some years through referring cases and have always found him extremely knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. So it is exciting to see this expertise shared through vtx. The platform is easy to navigate and different from others I have used with the addition of interactive discussion forums and specialist advice services which I think will make it easier to fulfill reflective CPD requirements in line with the new guidelines.”

Inga McDermott, Veterinary Surgeon

Veterinary professionals are committed to giving the very best care to their patients, but the veterinary sector can also often be a difficult place to fulfil that passion. We have a combined love of animals and understand that for animals to receive the best treatment, clinicians need to feel supported to give their best. MacLennan Norman are excited to be teaming up with vtx and joining the vtx community.

MacLennan Norman

Veterinary professionals work hard and look after others, to do that sustainably we need to look after ourselves. Finding a balance of work and life is crucial. But so is maximising wellbeing at work. The vision that vtx has in combining high quality CPD and creating a community of like minded colleagues is a really refreshing approach to the demands of veterinary life.

Rosie Allister

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