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A crisis of calcium

ECC | 80 mins | £20

In this webinar we will discuss the approach to hypercalcaemia in dogs and cats. These can be challenging cases to investigate, from PTH to vitamin D and back again! We…

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A Tale of Two Toxins… A liver’s story

Internal Medicine | 65 mins | £20

The liver is central to so many important functions within the body, but can often be the victim toxic insults. Hepatotoxicosis can also be characterized as dosage-dependent or idiosyncratic, although…

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Acute kidney injury: Turning a fail into a pass

ECC | 69 mins | £20

This webinar on acute kidney injury provides a thorough base for all clinicians dealing with dogs and cats presenting with acute kidney injury. By the end of this webinar the…

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An introduction to endocrine diseases for veterinary nurses

Veterinary Nursing | 73 mins | £20

Endocrine diseases are some of the most common long-term diseases we see as veterinary nurses. From diagnosis to inpatient care, treatment and nurse consultations we can make an enormous difference…

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Approaching bullying in the workplace

Wellbeing & Personal Development | 10 mins | FREE

In their work as specialists in coaching and conflict resolution Jo and Jayne regularly encounter people who are enduring bullying which may manifest in many forms but each having enormous…

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Atopic worth discussing: How to deal with canine atopic dermatitis

Dermatology | 62 mins | £20

So where did all the itchy Westies go? If you, like me, are wondering where they disappeared to, have no fear as they have been replaced with French bulldogs, poodle…

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Boris, Brexit and Babesia

Internal Medicine | 60 mins | £20

In this webinar we will particularly focus on Babesia, Borrelia and Leishmaniasis. Diseases such as Leishmaniasis are becoming more common in small animal practice in the UK as we are…

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Chemotherapy in a nutshell: Safety, protocol, drug doses & other considerations

Oncology | 60 mins | £20

Chemotherapy is one of three principal methods for treatment of veterinary cancer patients. Chemotherapy protocols are not only chosen based on the histopathological diagnosis of the neoplasia, but also based…

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Clot busting: Feline aortic thromboembolism

Cardiology | 60 mins | £20

This webinar will cover the diagnosis and management of feline aortic thromboembolism. Not all owners will want to treat cats that present with this disease, but which cats have a…

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Cobalamin for Christmas… The vitamin that keeps on giving

Internal Medicine | 70 mins | £20

Disorders of cobalamin (vitamin B12) metabolism are increasingly recognized in small animal medicine and have a variety of causes ranging from chronic gastrointestinal disease to hereditary defects in cobalamin metabolism….

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