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Culture is a word that is often heard when challenges are faced within practice teams. Whether the challenges relate to team recruitment/retention, wellbeing, patient safety or efficiency and profitability, there…

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Pre-clinical mitral valve disease: Decision making

Cardiology | 22 mins | £25+VAT

Ever struggle with decision making in staging your myxomatous mitral valve disease patients? This webinar is aimed at helping you through this decision making process whether you are using echocardiography,…

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This webinar will focus on farm animal species, bar cattle, and what can be done to prevent disease within your existing flock/herd by ensuring a correct diet and a robust…

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Prevention of Obesity

Nutrition | Veterinary Nursing | 51 mins | £25+VAT

Obesity in pets is highly prevalent and although good strategies exist for providing obesity care and reducing weight, incidence still appears to be increasing. Alongside all traditional techniques for reducing…

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Principles of skin reconstruction

Soft Tissue Surgery | 82 mins | £25+VAT

This webinar will focus on the principles of surgical reconstruction, applying Halsted’s tenets to minimise complications and categorising the possible skin reconstructive surgeries in small animals to help make sensible…

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Proteinuria…The Medical Unicorn

Internal Medicine | 70 mins | £25+VAT

The investigation and management of proteinuria in dogs and cats can be challenging. Proteinuria can be a consequence of many disease processes, but it can also be found as an…

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In this lecture we take a detailed look at pulmonary hypertension in dogs. We demystify some of the terminology around this complex disease process. There is particular attention on diagnostics…

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Radiotherapy (RT) is a treatment modality based on the use of ionizing radiation, and it is mainly used to treat cancer. In the last 2 decades, RT has become an…

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Radiography positioning in practice

Diagnostic Imaging | 51 mins | £25+VAT

In this webinar, Mairi Frame will discuss how to approach diagnostic imaging in practice. This will include positioning requirements, how to troubleshoot those weird and more challenging cases and Mairi…

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Test your knowledge: ‘Echo’

Cardiology | Diagnostic Imaging | 23 mins | £25+VAT

Test your echocardiography evaluation and knowledge with these 6 cases all based on 2-D right sided views.

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Test your knowledge: ECG’s

Cardiology | 30 mins | £25+VAT

We hope that this webinar will allow you to become more confident in interpreting ECG’s. There are 6 ECG sections to work through, pausing on the slides as you go….

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Tetanus: What started as a small wound!

ECC | 56 mins | £25+VAT

This webinar looks at tetanus infections from pathophysiology all the way through to management. Dogs are more susceptible to tetanus than cats and so we focus on the management of…

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The chemotherapy journey

Veterinary Nursing | Oncology | 54 mins | £25+VAT

With approximately one in four of our veterinary patients diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, chemotherapy is becoming more commonly administered in veterinary practices. But how can we ensure that…

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The neurological exam

Neurology | 30 mins | £25+VAT

The neurological exam can be one of the most challenging examinations to perform… second only to ophthalmology. Here we look at a logical approach to the neurological exam, with lots…

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The renal truth: Caring for your kidney patient

Internal Medicine | 74 mins | £25+VAT

Renal disorders are some of the most common conditions we encounter in practice, and as veterinary nurses, we play a vital role in the care of these patients. This webinar…

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Thoracic Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

Cardiology | Diagnostic Imaging | 19 mins | £25+VAT

Do you feel under confident in performing focused thoracic ultrasound in the emergency setting? This webinar talks you through various techniques that enable evaluation of the thorax in the dyspneic…

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Thoracic radiography: A cardiologist’s perspective

Cardiology | Diagnostic Imaging | 103 mins | £25+VAT

Thoracic radiographs can be difficult to interpret. This webinar reviews normal radiographic anatomy with a focus on the cardiovascular system and lungs. It then goes through various abnormalities associated with…

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Transfusion confusion: Blood transfusions for RVNs

Veterinary Nursing | ECC | 63 mins | £25+VAT

The veterinary nurse plays a key role in the preparation and administration of blood products to our hospitalised patients, and caring for these patients throughout and after their transfusion. In…

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Travelling light? Approach to the imported dog (Part 1)

Internal Medicine | 51 mins | £25+VAT

There has been a huge increase in the number of imported dogs entering the UK over the last few years. As a result, vets in practice are being faced with…

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Travelling light? Approach to the imported dog (Part 2)

Internal Medicine | 49 mins | £25+VAT

The UK has seen a large increase in the number of imported dogs over the last few years. These dogs often bring with them some unusual diseases that vets in…

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