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Husbandry of commonly seen exotic pets – small mammals

Exotics | Veterinary Nursing | 65 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar will provide veterinary professionals with a basic grounding on essential husbandry requirements for commonly encountered exotic small mammals. It will provide practical advice on achieving best practice husbandry…

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Improving Patient Care & Welfare

Behaviour & Welfare | None | 53 mins | £20+VAT

Patient care and welfare are extremely important to both vets and nurses. In this webinar, Hayley Walters talks about the challenges that you face on a daily basis in practice…

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Increased liver enzymes in dogs & cats

Internal Medicine | None | 60 mins | £20+VAT

In this veterinary CPD webinar we discuss how elevated serum liver enzyme activities are often the first finding that prompts suspicion of the presence of hepatobiliary disease. In one study…

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Keeping your clinical cool

Personal Development | 55 mins | £20+VAT

No two shifts are the same in the veterinary profession, and we certainly can’t predict which cases will walk through the door next. We all have ‘busy’ days in practice,…

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Leptospirosis in dogs and cats in a puddle near you?

Internal Medicine | None | 61 mins | £20+VAT

This case-based webinar will summarize and communicate key clinical signs and practical management (diagnosis, therapy, prevention) tips related to Leptospira spp. exposure and infection in dogs and cats. By the end of…

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Let’s talk behaviour at 2nd vaccination

Behaviour & Welfare | None | 61 mins | £20+VAT

What’s your 2nd vac chat? Worms, fleas, neutering, diet? How about behaviour? This webinar will look at how vets and VNs are well placed to prevent future behavioural problems, problems…

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Locoregional anaesthesia in dogs and cats

Anaesthesia & Analgesia | None | 61 mins | £20+VAT

In this webinar, we will be going over locoregional anaesthesia in small animals.  This will include discussion of why it is important to use locoregional anaesthesia, understanding basic pharmacology and…

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Managing feline trauma

ECC | Veterinary Nursing | 102 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar on “Managing Feline Trauma” is a culmination of Ashley’s nearly 20 years of experience in ECC. It focuses mainly on initial stabilisation, including how to recognise and manage…

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Managing respiratory emergencies

ECC | 78 mins | £20+VAT

During this lecture we will look at the basic presentations of respiratory difficulties, how we can recognise the different classifications and why they occur. In addition, we’ll talk about pulse…

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Myocarditis; a review (People vs. cats and dogs)

Cardiology | 64 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar provides an overview of myocarditis both in people and in cats and dogs. It goes through the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic myocarditis cases in human…

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