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Locoregional anaesthesia in dogs and cats

Anaesthesia & Analgesia | 61 mins | £25+VAT

In this webinar, we will be going over locoregional anaesthesia in small animals.  This will include discussion of why it is important to use locoregional anaesthesia, understanding basic pharmacology and…

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Making light of acid base & blood gas analysis

ECC | Veterinary Nursing | 67 mins | £25+VAT

Performing acid-base and blood gas analysis is commonplace with our emergency veterinary patients. In this webinar, we look at assessing pH levels and recognising any abnormalities as well as interpreting…

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Managing feline trauma

ECC | Veterinary Nursing | 102 mins | £25+VAT

This webinar on “Managing Feline Trauma” is a culmination of Ashley’s nearly 20 years of experience in ECC. It focuses mainly on initial stabilisation, including how to recognise and manage…

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Managing respiratory emergencies

ECC | 78 mins | £25+VAT

During this lecture we will look at the basic presentations of respiratory difficulties, how we can recognise the different classifications and why they occur. In addition, we’ll talk about pulse…

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This webinar reviews the goals of an orthopaedic consultation, and suggested approaches to clinical history taking and examination. There is emphasis on the use of validated owner-questionnaires, and client-/ patient-specific…

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Myocarditis; a review (People vs. cats and dogs)

Cardiology | 64 mins | £25+VAT

This webinar provides an overview of myocarditis both in people and in cats and dogs. It goes through the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic myocarditis cases in human…

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Neonatal and paediatric emergencies

ECC | Primary Care | 75 mins | £25+VAT

If you are looking for a refresher on normal neonatal and paediatric physiology, this webinar is for you. The care and treatment of neonates can be extremely challenging in veterinary…

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Nursing clinics… you have to be in it, to win it

Veterinary Nursing | 63 mins | £25+VAT

In this webinar, you will become more confident in planning and running a variety of nursing clinics for your practice. The webinar also covers how to build rapport with your…

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Nursing IVDD in canine patients

Veterinary Nursing | Neurology | 36 mins | £25+VAT

Intravertebral disc disease is a common spinal disease which can be seen in Primary care and referral practice patients. This webinar will look at the types of IVDD commonly seen…

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Nursing myasthenia gravis in canine patients

Veterinary Nursing | Neurology | 36 mins | £25+VAT

This webinar will focus on the neuromuscular disease ‘myasthenia gravis’. Find out what it is, the clinical signs and how the disease is diagnosed. This webinar will also give details…

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Nursing the cardiac emergency

Veterinary Nursing | Cardiology | 57 mins | £25+VAT

This webinar focuses on nursing care for cardiac patients presenting as emergencies, including heart failure, pericardial effusions, arrhythmias and aortic thromboembolism. Beginning with triage skills, it goes on to look…

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Nursing the cardiac patient

Veterinary Nursing | Cardiology | 41 mins | £25+VAT

Cardiac patients require extra care and consideration when hospitalized, with various factors to take into account depending on their underlying disease. This webinar will enable you to identify cardiac patients,…

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Nursing the renal patient

Veterinary Nursing | Internal Medicine | 95 mins | £25+VAT

Patients with renal disease, both acute and chronic, make up a large percentage of veterinary caseload; it is important that the clinic is educated in gold standard care to increase…

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Nursing the septic patient

Veterinary Nursing | ECC | 89 mins | £25+VAT

Recognising and reacting to the early signs and symptoms of sepsis can increase the rates of survival to discharge. Emphasis on early staging and quick initiation of treatment has become heavily emphasised with…

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Nutrition for the chronic kidney disease patient

Nutrition | Veterinary Nursing | 47 mins | £25+VAT

Renal disease is common in small animal practice and is a primary reason for death in both cats and dogs. There is no cure of renal disease, which is both…

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Pacemakers: What, When, Why & How?

Cardiology | 41 mins | £25+VAT

Pacemakers are fast becoming a common surgery undertaken amongst cardiology specialist centres. This webinar will recap the anatomy of the heart and it’s electrical conduction system and in doing so…

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Pain in cats & dogs: Recognising, measuring and managing it

Anaesthesia & Analgesia | Veterinary Nursing | 50 mins | £25+VAT

Why do two people looking at the same animal have differing views on whether the animal is painful or not? Is the cat hiding at the back of its cage…

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Pain, prebiotics, postbiotics and pandemic puppies

Behaviour & Welfare | Veterinary Nursing | 41 mins | £25+VAT

Fear and anxiety in dogs is common, and the pandemic didn’t help with the influx of brand new caregivers and unsocialised puppies. In this webinar, Nikki will be looking at…

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Pancreatitis… What the feline is new?

Internal Medicine | ECC | 103 mins | £25+VAT

Pancreatitis in cats, although commonly diagnosed, still presents many diagnostic and management challenges. Accurate diagnosis of pancreatitis in cats requires the combination of history and clinical findings, diagnostic imaging, laboratory…

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Physiotherapy techniques and uses for veterinary nurses in practice

Physiotherapy | Veterinary Nursing | 45 mins | £25+VAT

In this webinar, we will take a deep dive into the physiotherapy techniques you can implement in practice straight away! We look at kennel set up, and how moving our…

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