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Feline Hepatic Lipidosis… Fat Cat Slim

Internal Medicine | 51 mins | £20+VAT

Feline hepatic lipidosis is the most common liver disease in cats. Although the pathophysiology is still poorly understood, obesity, anorexia, and stress are all important predisposing factors. In this webinar…

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Feline Infectious Peritonitis ‘FIP’

Internal Medicine | 64 mins | £20+VAT

FIP is a devastating disease in cats, and until recently there was no treatment available. In 2019, US researchers published some ground breaking studies documenting that GS441524 was highly efficacious…

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FIP: An update on legal treatment options

Internal Medicine | 26 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar will review new legally available treatment options for FIP. Remdesivir was made legally available for use in FIP cases in the UK in August 2021, and as of…

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Gastric dilation volvulus (GDV): What’s new about it?

Soft Tissue Surgery | 33 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar will discuss the approach to the GDV from a surgical perspective and discuss new aspects of management. It will cover initial stabilisation, surgical intervention and whether we can…

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Go with the flow: Fluid therapy for RVNs

Veterinary Nursing | 53 mins | £20+VAT

We commonly encounter patients receiving intravenous fluid therapy as veterinary nurses. But how can be plan and deliver the best possible care to these patients? This webinar will discuss the types…

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Guidewire inserted chest drains

ECC | None | 23 mins | £20+VAT

Guidewire inserted chest drains have changed the way that we manage pleural space disease in small animals. They are not as scary as they look. This webinar will hopefully help…

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Helping your gut: Acid, appetite and moving forward

Internal Medicine | 90 mins | £20+VAT

Vomiting is one of the moist common presenting signs in small animal practice. In this webinar we discuss the options for antiemetic therapy… there is more to it that maropitant….

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How to approach… Heart disease in dogs and cats

Cardiology | None | 88 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar takes an in depth look at the history, clinical signs and physical examination findings that could lead us to suspect heart disease in a cat or dog. The…

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How to approach… Syncope in cats and dogs

Cardiology | None | 69 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar takes you through how to approach an animal that is syncopal. Initially we look at collapse and the numerous possibilities that this term can refer to. We then…

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Husbandry of commonly seen exotic pets – birds, reptiles & amphibians

Exotics | Veterinary Nursing | 65 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar will provide veterinary professionals with a basic grounding on the essential husbandry requirements for commonly encountered bird, reptile and amphibian pets. It will provide practical advice on achieving…

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