Go with the flow: Fluid therapy for RVNs

Veterinary Nursing | 53 mins

We commonly encounter patients receiving intravenous fluid therapy as veterinary nurses. But how can be plan and deliver the best possible care to these patients?

This webinar will discuss the types of fluid deficits we see in practice and the compartments they originate from, so we can accurately assess fluid deficits in our patients. We will also look at the different fluid therapy routes, and their indications and contraindications. We’ll discuss crystalloids and colloids, when we use hypertonic and hypotonic fluids, and how to calculate and administer fluids to our small animal patients. Lastly, we’ll talk about our nursing considerations for patients receiving fluid therapy, and how to monitor these patients to make sure our fluids are having the desired effect.

Meet the speakers

Laura Jones

RVN & VTS (Small Animal Internal Medicine)

Laura Jones qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2010, gained the DipAVN in 2014 and completed a degree in advanced veterinary nursing in 2017. Laura joined a newly-opened referral centre in Hampshire in 2015, to support and develop the Internal Medicine service. Here, her passion for medical nursing grew, leading to Veterinary Technician Specialist certification in small animal internal medicine in 2019. That same year, Laura developed a social media page and website, "Veterinary Internal Medicine Nursing', to educate and inspire nurses wanting to learn about medical patients, and speaks nationally on a variety of medical nursing topics. Laura currently works at The Ralph Referral Centre, where she nurses both high-dependency and medical patients, whilst leading the team of internal medicine nurses.

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