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‘Results are more than just a number’ How lab results are generated & should be interpreted

Clinical Pathology | 59 mins | £20+VAT

We are all used to get results from external laboratories and from our in-house analysers; but, have we ever asked ourselves if those results are accurate and how those should…

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A crisis of calcium

Internal Medicine | ECC | 112 mins | £20+VAT

Although disorders of calcium metabolism are relatively common in dogs and cats, they are frequently difficult to diagnose clinically. However, improvements in the laboratory assessment of calcium homeostasis have greatly…

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A Tale of Two Toxins… A liver’s story

Internal Medicine | 65 mins | £20+VAT

The liver is central to so many important functions within the body, but can often be the victim toxic insults. Hepatotoxicosis can also be characterized as dosage-dependent or idiosyncratic, although…

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Acute kidney injury: Turning a fail into a pass

ECC | 69 mins | £20+VAT

This webinar on acute kidney injury provides a thorough base for all clinicians dealing with dogs and cats presenting with acute kidney injury. By the end of this webinar the…

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An introduction to ‘Human Factors’ in veterinary practice

Personal Development | 59 mins | £20+VAT

The study of Human factors is an established discipline that uses scientific knowledge about the human body, mind and behaviour to better understand our fundamental capabilities and limitations. It is…

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An introduction to endocrine diseases for veterinary nurses

Veterinary Nursing | None | 73 mins | £20+VAT

Endocrine diseases are some of the most common long-term diseases we see as veterinary nurses. From diagnosis to inpatient care, treatment and nurse consultations we can make an enormous difference…

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An introduction to veterinary leadership

Wellbeing & Personal Development | 48 mins | £20+VAT

Within the veterinary healthcare setting leadership is likely to be dynamic, ultra-adaptive, shared and situational. Leadership within this setting is not solely reserved for those in positions of responsibility. Each…

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Anaesthesia nursing considerations for brachycephalic breeds

Veterinary Nursing | Anaesthesia & Analgesia | 54 mins | £20+VAT

Through this webinar you will take a journey revisiting the anatomy including skeletal and soft tissue deformities commonly seen in modern day brachycephalic dog breeds and how these malformations dictate…

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Angiostrongylus… The hidden enemy

Cardiology | 48 mins | £20+VAT

Lungworm is becoming increasingly diagnosed all over the UK and Europe. This webinar will discuss the clinical presentation of affected cases, their diagnosis and management. A practical approach regarding which…

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Approach to the acute abdomen

ECC | Internal Medicine | 71 mins | £20+VAT

Approaching cases with acute abdominal pain can be daunting. However, with structured approach you’ll be able to solve the mystery of acute abdomen and help your patients in no time….

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