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Did your heart skip a beat? Managing arrhythmias

Cardiology | 46 mins | £20

This webinar advances from the ‘ECG Palpitations’ webinar. It covers tachy and bradyarrhythmias, their diagnosis and management. There are lots of ECG examples to look at for the various types…

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DKA… same old or something new?

ECC | 75 mins | £20

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a serious and potentially life-threatening complications of diabetes mellitus (DM). Patients with DKA are often very ill, their management challenging, and concurrent conditions that can substantially…

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Don’t forget to breathe ‘surgical dyspnoea’

Soft Tissue Surgery | 84 mins | £20

Jon and his poultry are pleased to bring you a review of surgical causes of dyspnoea, with a focus on emergency surgical procedure or tracheostomy and thoracic drain placement to…

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Dreaded Dirofilaria!

Cardiology | 48 mins | £20

Dirofilaria immitis is being seen in the UK, not only in pets travelling abroad on the Pet Passport scheme but, more commonly, from dogs imported from countries where heartworm is…

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ECG palpatations? Recognising arrhythmias

Cardiology | 64 mins | £20

This webinar will go through how we approach ECGs in order to try and reach an ECG diagnosis (sometimes easier said than done even for very experienced people). This session…

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Feline blood transfusions… As X-Men as it gets!

Blood Transfusion | 45 mins | £20

Anaemia is a common reason for cats to present to our clinics, but the management of anaemia has lots of challenges. Cats don’t like to make things easy! In this…

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Feline cardiomyopathy

Cardiology | 53 mins | £20

A general overview of feline cardiomyopathies, how we diagnose them and up to date information on their management.

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Feline Diabetes Mellitus (Part One)… Not so sweet

Internal Medicine | 67 mins | £20

Diabetes mellitus is a common endocrine disease in cats. While type 2 diabetes is the most common form seen in cats, other underlying causes may contribute to insulin resistance. Guidelines…

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Feline Hepatic Lipidosis… Fat Cat Slim

Internal Medicine | 50 mins | £20

Feline hepatic lipidosis is the most common liver disease in cats. Although the pathophysiology is still poorly understood, obesity, anorexia, and stress are all important predisposing factors. In this webinar…

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Gastroprotectants: Taking the acid out of the suppression

Internal Medicine | 70 mins | £20

Similar to the situation in human medicine, practice of inappropriate prescription of acid suppressants is also commonplace in veterinary medicine. In this webinar we challenge the dogma and clinical practice…

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