Feline Infectious Peritonitis ‘FIP’

Internal Medicine | 51 mins

This webinar will focus on the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of FIP. Over the past couple of years effective treatments have become available for FIP with a high success rate. This webinar will discuss pertinent research regarding treatment options and inform you of the updated treatment recommendations for cats with FIP as well as guiding you with regards to monitoring patients.

Meet the speakers

Stephanie Sorrell

Feline Medicine Specialist

Stephanie graduated from the RVC and undertook her residency in Internal Medicine at Edinburgh University. She is a European Internal Medicine Specialist and RCVS Feline Specialist. She is the director of Canine and Feline Medicine Consultancy Ltd through which she provides locum internal medicine and feline medicine cover to private and university-based referral practices and is director of The Mindful Vet through which she provides bespoke CPD to practitioners. She is also a senior consultant at Virtual Veterinary Specialists. She has a passion for teaching and has lectured internationally as well as publishing original research papers in journals.

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