Welcome to our specialist-led online tutored courses.

These courses will increase your knowledge of various disorders in small animals and will allow you to ask questions via our course specific forums. You can also bring those challenging cases you are seeing in practice to the learning experience and receive advice on how to treat them from our specialists.

Starts on 06/09/2021 | 14 weeks | £275

Finding your way through small animal clinical practice

This course has been specifically designed to refresh and update your approach to common presenting problems in small animal practice. From coughing to collapse, we cover it all. Our discussion forms and live Q&A sessions allow you to ask all the questions you have in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Starts on 01/03/2021 | 8 Weeks | £175

Endocrinology: Who’s in crisis?

A detailed look at the investigation and management of endocrine diseases in dogs and cats.

Starts on 03/05/2021 | 10 weeks | £175

Can’t Cardio On: Approach to common heart conditions in dogs and cats

Cardiac disease is frequently encountered in small animal practice, but can be challenging to diagnose and manage. This course covers the approach to a range of cardiac disorders in dogs and cats, from murmurs to heart failure and beyond. At the end of the course you will be more confident in the diagnosis and management of heart disease in your patients.

Starts on 05/07/2021 | 9 Weeks | £175

Love your liver: Liver Disease in dogs and cats?

Increases in liver enzymes are some of the most commonly encountered biochemical abnormalities… but what do they really tell us. We will look at the most effective diagnostic approach to liver diseases as well as updating the most appropriate treatment options. Love your liver?… you will by the end of this course.

Starts on 06/09/2021 | 8 Weeks | £175

Anaemia in dogs and cats: Where did all the red cells go?

Anaemia is one of the most commonly diagnosed abnormalities in cats and dogs. Whether regenerative or not, we cover it all. We also look at a practical approach to transfusion medicine and bone marrow biopsy.

Starts on 25/10/2021 | 8 weeks | £175

Lower urinary tract disease in dogs and cats: taking the stress out of the spasm!

This course explores the common conditions of the lower urinary tract that challenge us everyday. We will review the most appropriate use of antibiotics and diet to manage some of these challenging cases. We also take a detailed look at the mysteries of feline idiopathic cystitis.

Starts on 05/07/2021 | 12 weeks | £150

Fundamental skills for RVNs: What you need to know about nursing in practice

This course is an introductory approach to nursing skills, tips and tricks that experienced RVNs can share with you to support you as you transition into your new role or return to your veterinary career, following some time away from the profession.