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Essential nursing skills for veterinary nurses & technicians

On-demand 15 weeks | £250+VAT

Veterinary Nursing | 17 CPD hours

This course is an introductory approach to nursing skills, tips and tricks that experienced RVNs can share with you to support you as you transition into your new role or…

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Leading the way in veterinary nursing

On-demand 9 weeks | £300+VAT

Veterinary Nursing | Personal Development | 11 CPD hours

This course has been designed specifically for veterinary nurses who are currently in leadership positions or who aspire to be leaders. Developed to ensure that VN leaders are empowered with…

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Rapid response: Empowering RVNs in emergency medicine and anaesthesia

On-demand 10 weeks | £300+VAT

Veterinary Nursing | ECC | 12 CPD hours

Emergency & Critical Care and the anaesthesia of critical patients is an exciting and yet often daunting challenge that RVNs face on a regular basis in practice.  This course has…

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Inspiring leadership for veterinary surgeons

Starts on 26/08/2024 9 weeks | £300+VAT

Personal Development | 11 CPD hours

This solutions-focused course has been developed to support veterinary surgeons who are currently in lead/management roles and/or those who wish to develop effective leadership skills. It is designed to help…

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Beyond the basics… Mastering advanced veterinary nursing skills

Starts on 24/06/2024 14 weeks | £300+VAT

Veterinary Nursing | 16 CPD hours

Our nursing members wanted an advanced nursing course that will motivate and inspire them to learn from other experienced and inspirational speakers across a variety of topics. This course aims…

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Medical Marvels: Advanced medicine skills for RVNs

Starts on 16/09/2024 8 weeks | £300+VAT

Veterinary Nursing | 10 CPD hours

This veterinary thought exchange online tutored course takes a more detailed look at the common medical conditions that affect our patients, and how we can manage them as nurses. Medical nursing…

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