Inspiring leadership for veterinary surgeons

9 weeksPersonal Development11 CPD hours

This solutions-focused course has been developed to support veterinary surgeons who are currently in lead/management roles and/or those who wish to develop effective leadership skills. It is designed to help individuals lead, manage and motivate their teams effectively, to help them to communicate more successfully and feel confident handling challenging situations.  The course is underpinned by a real-time discussion forum where you can ask any questions as you work your way through the lessons. There is also a live Q&A session where you can chat with our speakers about those challenging situations you may be seeing in practice that you might need some help with.

This course will run over a 9 week period and is the equivalent of (11 hours CPD/CE) for your record.

Access to this course is for 12 months from the start of the course going live on our website. If you sign up to the course after the live sessions have run, you will still be able to access the recordings from the live sessions. The discussion forum will be monitored for the course duration only.

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Course Content

Lesson 1: Exploring leadership Available on 26/08/2024 8:00 am 26/08/2024
learning outcomes
  • To understand what leadership is and how it is defined.
  • To explore the skills essential for leadership.
  • To consider the pitfalls and challenges of leadership.
Lesson 2: Being an effective leader Available on 02/09/2024 8:00 am 02/09/2024
learning outcomes
  • To explore the attributes of effective leaders.
  • Understand leadership styles.
  • Recognise personal values and strengths.
  • Challenging stereotypes of leadership and subconscious conditioning from how we have been led previously.
Lesson 3: Communication for effective leadership Available on 09/09/2024 8:00 am 09/09/2024
learning outcomes
  • To understand how to communicate effectively.
  • To explore appropriate assertiveness.
  • To consider how transactional analysis can aid communication.
  • Managing hierarchies and creating open communication channels.
Lesson 4: The role of compassion & empathy in leadership & how to build relationships Available on 16/09/2024 8:00 am 16/09/2024
learning outcomes
  • To consider how compassion and empathy can be used in leadership.
  • To understand the importance of establishing trust and building relationships within the role.
  • To describe the concept of an emotional bank account.
Lesson 5: Time management, leadership logistics and decision making Available on 23/09/2024 8:00 am 23/09/2024
learning outcomes
  • To understand the concepts of self and task management.
  • To consider how task management can be employed by leaders.
  • To identify the practicalities of being an effective leader.
  • Making change – managing expectations and timescale.
Lesson 6: Team dynamics, motivation & organisational culture Available on 30/09/2024 8:00 am 30/09/2024
learning outcomes
  • Understand how to engage and motivate teams for optimal performance.
  • Describe the components of consistently high performing organisations, teams, and individuals.
  • Consider the importance of organisational culture.
  • Leaders roles in developing and maintaining practice values.
Lesson 7: Civility, conflict management and giving high impact feedback Available on 07/10/2024 8:00 am 07/10/2024
learning outcomes
  • To understand the importance of promoting civility as a leader.
  • To consider how to manage conflict, difficult conversations and constructively deal with inappropriate behaviour.
  • To developing effective debriefing skills.
Lesson 8: Stress solutions and resilience Available on 14/10/2024 8:00 am 14/10/2024
learning outcomes
  • To understand that wellbeing and self-care are the foundation of high performing teams.
  • To proactively consider and recognise stress in ourselves and others.
  • Managing your responsibility for the needs of your teams vs your own needs.
  • To develop a self-care toolkit including strategies to build resilience.
Live Q&A Session (Wednesday 23/10/2024 @ 8pm BST)
learning outcomes
  • Your chance to discuss any cases you are struggling with.
  • We will bring along a few interesting cases too!

Meet the speakers

Dan Tipney

Head of Evidence & Insights, VetLed

Dan provides an array of insights into human performance gained from his perspective across numerous disciplines. Formally as an international athlete, sports coach, pilot instructor, and airline pilot, he now delivers training and support for veterinary teams. Dan led the Human Factors training programme at a major UK airline and has since developed and delivered non-clinical training to both veterinary and healthcare professionals. He represented Great Britain both as an athlete and a coach and has a great passion for supporting teams so that they can consistently achieve their goals. Across all fields Dan has consistently identified that understanding ourselves as humans, both individually and collectively is the basis delivering positive change. At VetLed, Dan collaborates with experts from veterinary medicine, aviation, psychology and healthcare training when developing training material, campaigns, patient safety tools and cultural initiatives. VetLed's mission is to enhance performance in practice through the reliable delivery of clinical skills.

Duana McBride

ECC Specialist

Duana is a veterinary specialist in emergency and critical care medicine and Trainer and Development Lead at VetLed. She has extensive first-hand experience working in busy emergency teams within multidisciplinary veterinary hospitals. During this time, she came to recognise the huge importance of Human Factors in patient outcomes. Duana has a passion for teaching and training, achieving a Post Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Education, a Masters in Healthcare Simulation Training and Patient Safety, and has been a lecturer in veterinary medicine. She has vast experience in training veterinarians and students and is a regular speaker at international congresses. Alongside her role as Training and Development Lead at VetLed, Duana continues to work in clinical practice as an ECC specialist.

Jenny Guyat

Veterinary Surgeon

Jenny is a former ECC vet and an ICF-accredited professional coach. She is a Trainer and Culture Lead at VetLed and a multi-passionate entrepreneur, speaker, and also Director of Vet Harmony; a career and life alignment service for veterinary professionals. After 7 years in clinical practice, Jenny began her diversification journey. She helped establish Pet Blood Bank UK before project managing the opening of 17 new Vets Now clinics in her role as Business Development Manager. After a year as Head of Customer Development at Vets Now, she joined Vet Dynamics and spent 4 years coaching and mentoring independent practice owners. Jenny is a Certified HBDI psychometric profiling practitioner and specialises in guiding people through career and life crossroads, helping them connect deeply to who they are and what they want, working on mindset changes, and establishing good life balance. She weaves into her work a wide range of tools from her varied background in veterinary practice management, high-level communication skills, and her intuitive coaching skills whether working with individuals or with practices. She lives in Devon with her husband, daughter, and 2 cheeky cats, and loves being by the sea!

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