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A crisis of calcium

Internal Medicine | ECC | 112 mins | £25+VAT

Although disorders of calcium metabolism are relatively common in dogs and cats, they are frequently difficult to diagnose clinically. However, improvements in the laboratory assessment of calcium homeostasis have greatly…

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This webinar on acute kidney injury provides a thorough base for all clinicians dealing with dogs and cats presenting with acute kidney injury. By the end of this webinar the…

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Approach to the acute abdomen

ECC | Internal Medicine | 71 mins | £25+VAT

Approaching cases with acute abdominal pain can be daunting. However, with structured approach you’ll be able to solve the mystery of acute abdomen and help your patients in no time….

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in practice

ECC | Veterinary Nursing | 63 mins | £25+VAT

Cardiopulmonary arrest is condition best managed with a trained team and an organised workplace. There has been a clear association with using standardised guidelines, training and post-arrest review and improved…

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DKA… Don’t sugarcoat it!

Internal Medicine | ECC | 95 mins | £25+VAT

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a serious and potentially life-threatening complications of diabetes mellitus (DM). Patients with DKA are often very ill, their management challenging, and concurrent conditions that can substantially…

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Feline blood transfusions… As X-Men as it gets!

ECC | Internal Medicine | 45 mins | £25+VAT

Anaemia is a common reason for cats to present to our clinics, but the management of anaemia has lots of challenges. Cats don’t like to make things easy! In this…

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Fever of unknown origin… Too hot to handle?

Internal Medicine | ECC | 73 mins | £25+VAT

Identifying the cause of a fever of unknown origin (FUO) in dogs and cats presents a considerable diagnostic challenge. The diagnostic workup can be frustrating for veterinarians and clients, especially…

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Guidewire inserted chest drains

ECC | 23 mins | £25+VAT

Guidewire inserted chest drains have changed the way that we manage pleural space disease in small animals. They are not as scary as they look. This webinar will hopefully help…

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Making light of acid base & blood gas analysis

ECC | Veterinary Nursing | 67 mins | £25+VAT

Performing acid-base and blood gas analysis is commonplace with our emergency veterinary patients. In this webinar, we look at assessing pH levels and recognising any abnormalities as well as interpreting…

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Managing feline trauma

ECC | Veterinary Nursing | 102 mins | £25+VAT

This webinar on “Managing Feline Trauma” is a culmination of Ashley’s nearly 20 years of experience in ECC. It focuses mainly on initial stabilisation, including how to recognise and manage…

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Managing respiratory emergencies

ECC | 78 mins | £25+VAT

During this lecture we will look at the basic presentations of respiratory difficulties, how we can recognise the different classifications and why they occur. In addition, we’ll talk about pulse…

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Neonatal and paediatric emergencies

ECC | Primary Care | 75 mins | £25+VAT

If you are looking for a refresher on normal neonatal and paediatric physiology, this webinar is for you. The care and treatment of neonates can be extremely challenging in veterinary…

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Nursing the septic patient

Veterinary Nursing | ECC | 89 mins | £25+VAT

Recognising and reacting to the early signs and symptoms of sepsis can increase the rates of survival to discharge. Emphasis on early staging and quick initiation of treatment has become heavily emphasised with…

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Pancreatitis… What the feline is new?

Internal Medicine | ECC | 103 mins | £25+VAT

Pancreatitis in cats, although commonly diagnosed, still presents many diagnostic and management challenges. Accurate diagnosis of pancreatitis in cats requires the combination of history and clinical findings, diagnostic imaging, laboratory…

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Plasma products… and their various uses in practice

ECC | Internal Medicine | 60 mins | £25+VAT

In this lecture we will review the various types of plasma products available in clinical practice, alongside why we should consider choosing one product over the other. This will involve…

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Postoperative management following an emergency abdominal surgery

ECC | Soft Tissue Surgery | 62 mins | £25+VAT

The postoperative period following an emergency gastrointestinal surgery can be very challenging. In this webinar we’ll discuss ways to optimise postoperative management and maximise your patient’s chances for a full…

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Practical use of anti-thrombotics

Internal Medicine | ECC | 75 mins | £25+VAT

This webinar explores the use of anti-thrombotic medication in dogs and cats including the conditions in which they are indicated, alongside the preferred medication, dose, and frequency. The use of…

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Tetanus: What started as a small wound!

ECC | 56 mins | £25+VAT

This webinar looks at tetanus infections from pathophysiology all the way through to management. Dogs are more susceptible to tetanus than cats and so we focus on the management of…

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Transfusion confusion: Blood transfusions for RVNs

Veterinary Nursing | ECC | 63 mins | £25+VAT

The veterinary nurse plays a key role in the preparation and administration of blood products to our hospitalised patients, and caring for these patients throughout and after their transfusion. In…

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What’s new in IMHA?

Internal Medicine | ECC | 103 mins | £25+VAT

Immune‐mediated haemolytic anaemia (IMHA) is an important cause of morbidity and mortality in dogs. IMHA also occurs in cats, although less commonly. IMHA is considered secondary when it can be…

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