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Episode 21 – Dogs on the street, rubbing my feet and skipping a beat


This week we are pleased to be joined by Michael Lazaris. Michael works aa small animal vet, currently locuming in London. He previously worked for the RSPCA, and talks about his experience of the hospital that he worked at closing permanently during the pandemic. Alongside his clinical work, Michael runs a heart-warming vet account on Instagram (@drlazaris_vet), showcasing the perks of being a vet, as well as running The Young Vet Programme for InvestIN, guiding young students through their vet career journey. In our clinical chat this week Liz and Scott discuss some of the most common arrythmias seen in our small animal patients (particularly in the ICU) and how to spot and manage them.


Please show Michael some support on Instagram @drlazaris_vet

Episode 20 – Childhood Dreams, Comedy Clubs and Cats With Clots


In this week’s podcast episode we are excited to be joined this week by Judy, chatting about everything from childhood dreams to realistic career expectations. Judy Puddifoot has been a first opinion small animal vet for 6 years since graduating from the Royal Veterinary College in 2014 aged 37. She is passionate about raising clinical standards and improving animal welfare. She has also presented TV shows, enjoys writing articles and guesting on podcasts. Judy can be found on Twitter and Instagram as @JudyTheVet. Her Facebook page can be found here


In our clinical CPD segment Scott and Liz chat about the management of aortic thromboembolism in cats. This is a really challenging and devastating condition. Have treatment options changed and is there really anything we can do?

Episode 19 – Nutrition… how Paleo are you?


In this week’s podcast episode we are really pleased to be joined by Michael (Vet Affairs Manager, United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland Hill’s Pet Nutrition Ltd). This was a great opportunity to chat about the role pet nutrition plays in practice today – touching on some of the trends and difficulties we come face as vets and nurses on a daily basis. Ultimately as members of the vet healthcare team we face ever increasing time pressures, so where does nutrition fit in the order of priorities?


With increasing emphasis being placed on preventative healthcare and an increase in nutrition linked diseases such as obesity, nutrition is increasingly being pushed into the pet owners line of sight. So who is best placed to discuss nutrition and to make an appropriate recommendation? Dr Google, the breeder, the groomer or the Vet Healthcare Team?

Episode 18 – Katie, Cobalamin and Christmas


In this week’s podcast episode we are so excited to welcome back Katie Ford for our Christmas podcast! We look back on the crazy year we have had and reflect on some of the great podcast chats we have had. Katie also takes some surprise questions from podcast listeners.


In our clinical CPD segment we were also lucky enough to chat with Gemma about the wonders of cobalamin in small animal practice. It really is the vitamin that keeps on giving! Merry Christmas everyone!


Check out Protexin at Protexin Veterinary | Vet Area – Protexin Vet

Episode 17 – In a world where you can be anything, be kind


In this week’s podcast episode we are so privileged to be joined by Rosie Allister. Rosie has received the BVA Chiron Award and RCVS Impact Award for work on veterinary mental health. Her PhD researched mental health, support, and identity and how they affect veterinary wellbeing and mental health. She has substantial experience in applied suicide prevention, support, and evidence-based solutions. She combines technical and academic knowledge with a practical background in veterinary practice and in supporting veterinary professionals. Rosie manages Vetlife Helpline and volunteers with All4Paws veterinary clinic and Samaritans.


Vetlife Helpline is available 24 hours a day to provide confidential support to the veterinary community. Call 0303 040 2551 or email via

Episode 16 – Kitchen Floor Moments


In this week’s podcast episode we are joined by Lacey Pitcher. Born in South Wales in a small valleys town she decided to swap paths from law and followed her passion to become a veterinary nurse. Lacey has enjoyed a diverse career and has learnt to embrace the bumps in the road along the way. She currently works as a locum RVN throughout the UK. Lacey is  passionate about wellness, nurse training, brachycephalic education and veterinary culture. Lacey founded veterinary pay it forward in 2018. If you only do one thing this week then check out her Facebook page and pay it forward!

RVN Lacey (@rvnspeaks) • Instagram photos and videos

Episode 15 – It started with a sticker


In this week’s podcast episode we chat to Anna about her career as a vet and her amazing campaign ‘Vet Your Breasts’. It was one of those typical Fridays in the lead up to Christmas with a 4pm emergency and a late discharge. Anna just managed to get to the pool for a swim before it closed. That’s when she saw a breast cancer awareness poster in the changing room. She felt a lump in her left boob and 2 months later she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33 and life turned upside-down.  If you only do one thing today ‘Vet Your Breasts’.






Episode 14 – Pondering Pain and Paracetamol


In this week’s podcast episode of the veterinary thought exchange podcast, we spoke to Matt about his career and how he became one of the co-founders of The Zero Pain Philosophy… we also have a chat about analgesia and all things anaesthesia, looking at the evidence behind the use of paracetamol in dogs.


Matt is an internationally respected British anaesthetist. A specialist in anaesthesia and analgesia, Matt trained at the University of Liverpool and now works at Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists in the UK. Matt is passionate about pain management, lectures on the subject globally and is the author of many international anaesthesia publications. Matt is President of the European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia & Analgesia. 

Episode 13 – What Vetbytes? Bronwen, Brighton and Belize


In this week’s podcast episode we had the privilege of chatting to Bronwen Eastwood, Co-Founder of VETbytes. We discuss Bronwen’s amazing career that has taken her from Brighton to Belize and back again! Bronwen went on to co-found VETbytes, an EBVM resource for vets working in first opinion practice, after recognising a void for a resource that provides up-to-date, evidence-based, user friendly clinical information. Alongside co-founder Zoe Coker, Bronwen co-wrote the treatment guides for the VETbytes emergency and critical care app, a subscription-based resource designed to support vets who need to keep up to date and provide an excellent service to their clients and patients. Check them out!

Episode 12 – The Problem With Poo… in a bag!


In this week’s podcast episode we are joined by Lindsay Davies RVN. Lindsay qualified as an RVN in 2017 and shortly after moved to the RVC to specialise in emergency and critical care veterinary nursing. Lindsay loves teaching and wanted to help others learn what she had, so, she created @theeccrvn on Instagram and a little while after, a CPD platform called Veterinary Webinurse. Lindsay is currently in the process of completing the Vets Now ECC Certificate and doing a study/research project on the use of bowel management systems in canine intensive care unit patients. Yes… she really does love poo in a bag!

Episode 11 – Who’s Coming Out? The story of the tortoise and the bowling ball


In this week’s podcast episode we are so excited to be talking to Jack this week about his career as a veterinary nurse. Jack qualified in 2018 and now works in emergency and critical care. Jack has many strings to his bow and chatted about his love for caring for and breeding tortoises as well his international bowling stardom!

We also chat about some of our veterinary inspirations and experiences of coming out in the workplace. Jack is also involved with the British Veterinary Nursing Association Council and is keen to promote vet nursing within the wider community and profession.


Instagram – @Pye_rvn

Facebook – @JackPyeRVN

Twitter – @PyeRVN96

Episode 10 – Dame Hayley Walters The Animal’s Princess


In this week’s podcast episode we talk to Hayley Walters RVN, MBE about her exciting career and the amazing adventures that she has had all around the world. Hayley talks about her love  for the profession and all things animal welfare. Hayley is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge and she loves loves loves a ‘pain score’. Listen and find out why.


Links to some of the projects and learning materials that Hayley has been involved in creating, can be found below:


Veterinary Nursing Online Skills resource

MOOC in Animal Behaviour and Welfare and The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Episode 9 – The Story of Corona Virus and the Camper Van


In this week’s podcast episode, we speak to Simon Patchett about his veterinary career so far.  Simon graduated from Nottingham Vet School in 2018 having intercalated a postgraduate certificate in veterinary education. From there he started a rotating internship in a private multidisciplinary referral hospital, upon completion joined the out of hours team there.  He has since moved to a sole charge role as an out of hours vet and we chat through each of these challenges.  Simon tells us how COVID effected his working pattern and the highs and lows of living in a camper van!


In our clinical CPD segment we discuss the challenges of diagnosing and treating pancreatitis cases… would you give steroids?

Episode 8 – From Patient Care to Panic Attacks!


In this week’s podcast episode we are so excited to catch up with Laura for the 8th episode of the podcast. We got together to chat about nursing medical outpatients, massive scary medicine exams, having panic attacks in airports, being creative in the veterinary industry and much more!


Please check out her amazing website and social media platforms. So much amazing clinical information and an all-round lovely person!


Laura qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2010, gained the DipAVN in 2014 and completed a degree in advanced veterinary nursing in 2017. Laura joined a newly-opened referral centre in Hampshire in 2015, to support and develop the Internal Medicine service. Here, her passion for medical nursing grew, leading to Veterinary Technician Specialist certification in small animal internal medicine in 2019. That same year, Laura developed a social media page and website, “Veterinary Internal Medicine Nursing’, to educate and inspire nurses wanting to learn about medical patients, and speaks nationally on a variety of medical nursing topics. Laura currently works at The Ralph Referral Centre, where she nurses both high-dependency and medical patients, whilst leading the team of critical care nurses, She serves on both the Feline Focus and Companion editorial board and was elected to join BVNA council this year.

Episode 7 – The trouble with Tramadol


In this week’s podcast episode we spoke to Carl about his career and how he became one of the co-founders of The Zero Pain Philosophy… we also have a chat about analgesia and all things anaesthesia! Looking at the evidence behind the use of tramadol in companion animals.


Carl is an anaesthesia and analgesia specialist, has a passion for teaching and upskilling vets and vet nurses on skills to use to optimise their pain and patient management during anaesthesia and the perioperative period and beyond.

Episode 6 – A Global One Health Vision… From Troon to Thailand


In this week’s podcast episode we spoke to Inga about her amazing career and how she has come to be one of the founders of The One Health Foundation… we also have a chat about blocked cats… obviously!


Inga is a veterinary surgeon and an animal lover at heart and she is passionate about animal welfare and conservation of the world’s habitats and species and believes that we all have a role to play and the ability to make a difference. She believes that education is key to making a long term sustainable impact to animal welfare and health in developing countries.

Episode 5 – Are you an imposter?


This week’s podcast episode is a bit of a special one. Scott and Karen take some time away from the clinic to have a chat with Katie Ford about some of the challenges that the veterinary profession has when it comes to our mental health.


Katie Ford is a veterinary surgeon and mind-set coach that now works with professionals across the country to discover themselves and their potential. She trained in broadband consciousness, and has been coached for three years by Bob Proctor’s number one consultant. She is a gratitude and empathy enthusiast, regularly spreading her positive message via social media platforms and speaking events. For more information about Katie and what she does: (there’s a free ebook on Imposter Syndrome on the website)

Episode 4 – From Corona virus to cancer… What’s new with lymphoma?


In this week’s podcast episode we will be chatting a bit more about cancer and Corona virus. This week Scott is joined by small animal oncology specialist and good friend Spela Bavcar. Spela started her veterinary career in Slovenia and made it all the way to Edinburgh with a stop off in a few other countries along the way. Scott and Spela will be having a chat about their friendship as well as some of the challenges of treating lymphoma in dogs and cats… particularly during the Corona virus pandemic.


We also introduce the next edition of ‘Desert Island Drugs’. The question is… if you were stranded on a desert island and could only choose to take one drug for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs and cats… which would you choose?

Episode 3 – What was your first impression?… From boring to best friends


In this week’s podcast episode we will be chatting a bit more about first impressions. vtx was founded in 2019 by RCVS and EBVS Veterinary Specialists Scott Kilpatrick and Liz Bode. Scott and Liz will be having a good old chat this week covering Liz’s amazing career and talking about how important friendships are within the veterinary profession. Liz started her veterinary career in Liverpool and made it all the way back home after her internship in Cambridge, PhD in Manchester and residency in Edinburgh!


We would like to introduce the next edition of ‘Desert Island Drugs’! The question is… if you were stranded on a desert island and could only choose to take one drug for the treatment of heart failure in dogs and cats… which would you choose?

Episode 2 – What is giving you an ulcer?… from omeprazole to aortic thromboembolism


In this week’s podcast episode we are chatting a bit more about veterinary life in lockdown. Scott will be talking more about gastroprotectant medications in dogs and cats. Similar to the situation in human medicine, practice of inappropriate prescription of acid suppressants is also commonplace in veterinary medicine. We challenge the dogma and clinical practice of administering gastroprotectants for the routine management of many conditions and discuss some of the negative effects of giving omeprazole.


We will also be bringing you the second edition of ‘Desert Island Drugs’ where Liz and Scott will be discussing drug choices for the management of aortic thromboembolism in cats.

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