Practice Culture: ‘How things are done’ within your team and what you can do?

Personal Development | 61 mins

Culture is a word that is often heard when challenges are faced within practice teams. Whether the challenges relate to team recruitment/retention, wellbeing, patient safety or efficiency and profitability, there is a clear recognition for the significance of practice culture. The first question, however, when discussing this topic; what do we really mean by the word culture in this context? During this session, we will break down this concept, how it relates to our human behaviour and psychology and, ultimately, the areas which need conscious and deliberate attention if you are to nurture a culture which is consistent with your practice values.

Dan will draw upon his experiences both from outside the profession as well as his work within veterinary teams to bring the underlying principles associated with organisational culture into context for life in practice and ultimately provide a tangible approach to we how can all positively influence the norms within our teams

Meet the speakers

Dan Tipney

Head of Evidence & Insights, VetLed

Dan provides an array of insights into human performance gained from his perspective across numerous disciplines. Formally as an international athlete, sports coach, pilot instructor, and airline pilot, he now delivers training and support for veterinary teams. Dan led the Human Factors training programme at a major UK airline and has since developed and delivered non-clinical training to both veterinary and healthcare professionals. He represented Great Britain both as an athlete and a coach and has a great passion for supporting teams so that they can consistently achieve their goals. Across all fields Dan has consistently identified that understanding ourselves as humans, both individually and collectively is the basis delivering positive change. At VetLed, Dan collaborates with experts from veterinary medicine, aviation, psychology and healthcare training when developing training material, campaigns, patient safety tools and cultural initiatives. VetLed's mission is to enhance performance in practice through the reliable delivery of clinical skills.

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