Leptospirosis in dogs and cats in a puddle near you?

Internal Medicine | 61 mins

This case-based webinar will summarize and communicate key clinical signs and practical management (diagnosis, therapy, prevention) tips related to Leptospira spp. exposure and infection in dogs and cats. By the end of the webinar participants should feel much more comfortable and confident facing off against this infectious disease, and well-equipped with expert- and evidence-based resources to assist with pet-owner communication.

Meet the speakers

Michelle Evason

Internal Medicine Specialist

Michelle Evason, BSc, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM), has worked in general practice, academia, specialty clinical practice, and in the animal health industry. She serves as a small animal internal medicine and nutrition consultant in N. America and consults for IDEXX UK. Michelle has published on numerous infectious diseases, antimicrobial stewardship, nutrition, and pet-owner education-related topics. She enjoys ferrying her children to various activities and fulfilling most ‘Canuck’ stereotypes.

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