Mastering small animal anaesthesia

6 weeksAnaesthesia & Analgesia8 CPD hours

This veterinary thought exchange online tutored course is an overall look at the different aspects of anaesthesia and analgesia. Sedation and anaesthesia are the unavoidable first step in most diagnostic and surgical procedures, and in this course we aim to shed more light on their practice. Are protocols the way forward? Is hypotension that important, and how do I treat it? Is there an easy way of making my patients comfortable? How should I choose my pre-anaesthetic medication?

Join us for an exciting journey towards maximising the safety of your patients.

The course is run by Felipe Grados (ECVAA Specialist in Anaesthesia). The course runs over a six-week period and takes around 8 hours to complete. The course is delivered via video webinars and supplemented with discussion forums with the course tutor, giving you the opportunity to ask questions or discuss cases you may be facing in your practice.

Access to this course is for 12 months. The discussion forum will be monitored by Felipe for the duration of the course.

Course Content

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Lesson 1: Basics of Anaesthesia and Safety 1 Quiz 19/02/2024
learning outcomes
  • What are the goals of anaesthesia & how can I maximise the safety of my patients?
  • What is the value of pre-operative blood analysis?
  • Are standardised protocols the way forward?
  • What are the phases and patients, where complications are more likely?
  • Airway safety & other aspects of patient safety
  • Essential equipment in the peri-operative period
Lesson 2: Making the most of your Anaesthetic Equipment 1 Quiz 26/02/2024
learning outcomes
  • What does your equipment tell you & how to get the most out of what you have?
  • Do I look at the numbers or the patterns or both?
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Capnography
  • ECG patterns
Lesson 3: Anaesthesia in Small Animals 1 Quiz 04/03/2024
learning outcomes
  • Quick and practical pharmacology review
  • Sedative drug combinations
  • Micro-sedation and its benefits
  • Induction protocols and combinations
  • Inhalant vs Total Intravenous Anaesthesia
Lesson 4: Analgesia in Small Animals 1 Quiz 11/03/2024
learning outcomes
  • Importance of analgesia plans
  • Pain scoring and benefits in practice
  • Update on current analgesic drugs
  • Practical approach to analgesia and escalation
  • Why is my patient still sore? Common mistakes
  • Common infusion calculations
Lesson 5: Fluid Therapy and Blood pressure 1 Quiz 18/03/2024
learning outcomes
  • Blood pressure measurement techniques
  • Practical approach to hypotension
  • The use of fluid therapy for managing shock in surgical patients
  • Goal directed fluid therapy
  • Other drugs that can be used to alter blood pressure & infusion calculations
Lesson 6: Case Scenarios and Common Complications 1 Quiz 25/03/2024
learning outcomes
  • A look at real life cases, problems and how they were managed
  • Cardiac disease
  • Respiratory disease
  • Shock
  • Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus
  • Obstetrics

Meet the speakers

Felipe Grados

Anaesthesia Specialist

I discovered my passion for anaesthesia already as a veterinary student. I got the chance to learn and be involved with it while doing placement in a first opinion clinic at the same time as I study for my degree. I then qualified from the University of Leon (Spain) in 2011, which I followed with a Master’s Degree in Research. I then moved to UK to pursue the exciting path of specialisation. I completed an internship in Small Animal Anaesthesia at the University of Liverpool in 2015, which I followed by a ECVAA residency in Veterinary Anaesthesia at the University of Edinburgh. After completing my residency in 2018, I worked for two years at Dick White Referrals as a clinical fellow. In 2020 I moved to Wear Referrals, where I currently work as a clinician in Veterinary Anaesthesia. I was awarded my ECVAA diploma in 2021.

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