Can’t Cardio On: Approach to common heart conditions in dogs and cats

Cardiac disease is frequently encountered in small animal practice, but can be challenging to diagnose and manage. This course covers the approach to a range of cardiac disorders in dogs and cats, from murmurs to heart failure and beyond. At the end of the course you will be more confident in the diagnosis and management of heart disease in your patients.

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10 weeks

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This veterinary thought exchange online tutored course takes a more detailed look at the investigation and management of heart disease in dogs and cats.

Cardiac disease is a relatively common problem in both species, affecting approximately 3.5% of dogs in first opinion practice. However, it can be challenging to know when to worry. In this course we will cover a wide range of cardiac conundrums from those puppy and kitten murmurs to the collapsing patient with ventricular tachycardia. We will discuss new treatments and management strategies for congestive heart failure. There is a special session covering the principles of anaesthesia in animals with heart disease, presented by Matt Gurney (EBVS and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia) from Zero Pain Philosophy.

The course is run by our very own Liz Bode (EBVS and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Cardiology). It runs over an ten-week period and takes around 11 hours to complete. The course is delivered via video webinars and supplemented with discussion forums and live chats with the course tutor, giving you the opportunity to ask questions or discuss cases you may be facing in your practice.

Course Curriculum:

Lesson 1: When is it innocent? Puppy and kitten murmurs
  • Describe the pathophysiology behind innocent murmurs
  • Identify when a murmur is likely to be innocent and when you need to worry
  • Develop a logical approach to murmurs
Lesson 2: When embryology goes awry; congenital heart disease in dogs and cats
  • understand the clinical signs of common congenital diseases
  • Describe the most common congenital diseases in dogs and cats
  • Develop a logical approach to diagnosis and management of common congenital diseases
Lesson 3: Feline fine? Feline cardiomyopathies in a nutshell
  • Describe the various feline cardiomyopathies and their presentations
  • Identify suitable diagnostic tests for cats with heart disease
  • Define treatment protocols for pre-clinical feline heart disease
LIVE Q&A and Case Discussion Thursday 20th May 2021 (8-9pm GMT)
  • Your chance to discuss any cases you are struggling with.
  • We will bring along a few interesting cases too!
Lesson 4: Acquired canine heart diseases; mitral valve disease and DCM
  • Identify acquired heart disease in your canine patients
  • Develop a logical approach to diagnosis of these diseases
  • Refine your treatment choices for dogs affected by pre-clinical heart disease
Lesson 5: Keeping you in the loop; management of heart failure
  • Review treatment options for heart failure in dogs and cats
  • Choose appropriate treatment strategies for acute and chronic heart failure
  • Describe suitable monitoring processes for cats and dogs with heart failure
Lesson 6: The faint hearted; approach to collapsing patients
  • Describe common causes of collapse in dogs and cats
  • Identify cardiovascular causes of collapse
  • Develop appropriate diagnostic strategies for these patients
Lesson 7: Demystifying the ECG; a case-based discussion
  • Basics of ECG diagnosis
  • The use of clinical cases allows the development of a logical approach to ECGs
Lesson 8: Cardiac anaesthesia – principles not protocols
  • Develop a rational approach to anaesthesia in patients with heart disease
LIVE Q&A and Case Discussion Thursday 24th June 2021 (8-9pm GMT)
  • Your chance to discuss any cases you are struggling with.
  • We will bring along a few interesting cases too!

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Benefits of our online course

  • Course written and delivered by internal medicine specialists
  • Eight weeks access to video recorded tutor lessons and discussion forums
  • Brilliant value for money- 10 hours certified CPD for only £175!
  • Learn without travelling or paying for accommodation, childcare or doggy care!
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.
  • Watch the recordings on your iPad, mobile, PC or tablet
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