Canine Clinical Conundrums

8 weeksInternal MedicineNone10 CPD hours

This online tutored course with Jennifer Cartwright (Internal Medicine Specialist), will look at an array of canine medical conditions. We will examine the possible presentations, most appropriate diagnostic approaches and treatments for cases across several body systems. Throughout the course we will consult the most up-to-date literature and expert opinion and we will use real life examples. At the end of each lesson we will go through a complete case from presentation to outcome to consolidate our learning points. During the Live Q&A, you will also have the opportunity to discuss more complex cases, in addition to anything related to each lesson.

This course will equip you in your diagnostic approach, interpretation of laboratory results and therapeutic choices, to do the best for your canine medical cases.

This course runs over a eight-week period and takes approximately 10 hours to complete and is the equivalent of 10 hours of CPD. It is delivered via video webinars and supplemented with discussion forums and live Q&A case discussions with the course tutor(s).

Access to this course is for 12 months from the start of the course going live on our website. If you sign up to the course after the live sessions have run, you will still be able to access the recordings from the live sessions. The discussion forum will be monitored for the course duration only.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Gastrointestinal disease Available on 09/01/2023 8:00 am 09/01/2023
learning outcomes
  • Learn how to approach dogs with chronic diarrhoea and vomiting
  • Learn what biochemical parameters to expect
  • Understand when a case turns from chronic to critical and management options
  • Review the available treatment options present now, and in the future for GI disease
Lesson 2: Hepatobiliary disease Available on 16/01/2023 8:00 am 16/01/2023
learning outcomes
  • Learn how cases can present and which cases require emergency treatment
  • Understand how to differentiate hepatic and post hepatic causes of icterus and what surgical interventions are available
  • Understand the benefit of biopsies
  • Understand when medical management is appropriate and what is best
Lesson 3: Anaemia Available on 23/01/2023 8:00 am 23/01/2023
learning outcomes
  • Understand how to interpret a haematology and evaluate a blood smear
  • Learn how to investigate anaemia
  • Understand the treatment options available
  • Learn when blood transfusion is appropriate and how to give safely
Lesson 4: Lower urinary tract disorders – Incontinence and infections Available on 30/01/2023 8:00 am 30/01/2023
learning outcomes
  • Learn how to get the most from your urine samples
  • Understand the diagnostic approach to urinary incontinence
  • Workup of chronic urinary tract infections and appropriate antibiotic usage
Lesson 5: Renal disease – Acute and chronic Available on 06/02/2023 8:00 am 06/02/2023
learning outcomes
  • Review IRIS guidelines and treatment options for chronic kidney disease
  • Understand potential infectious causes and appropriate therapies
  • How to interpret blood gas and electrolytes in acute cases
  • Management of hospitalised cases
Lesson 6: Upper respiratory tract disease Available on 13/02/2023 8:00 am 13/02/2023
learning outcomes
  • Understand the different presentations of upper respiratory tract disease
  • Learn the diagnostic approach to cases
  • What can be done when referral imaging isn’t available?
  • Management of inflammatory and infectious diseases
Lesson 7: Endocrine disease- Glucose ‘highs and lows’ Available on 20/02/2023 8:00 am 20/02/2023
learning outcomes
  • Learn how to approach a hypoglycaemic case
  • Understand prognosis and treatment options for Insulinoma’s
  • Managing difficult diabetics
  • Understand how best to implement longer term management and monitoring according to owners’ circumstances
Lesson 8: Live Q&A Session (Thursday 02/03/2022 @ 8pm GMT)
learning outcomes
  • Ask any questions relating to the sessions.
  • Your chance to discuss any cases you are struggling with.
  • We will bring along a few interesting cases too!

Meet the speakers

Jennifer Cartwright

Internal Medicine Specialist

Jennifer Cartwright is an Internal Medicine Specialist currently working towards a PhD in Tissue Repair. She completed her Veterinary degree and Veterinary Pathology degree at Bristol University, then after 2 years in first opinion practice completed an internship at the University of Nottingham. She completed her Residency and a Masters at the University of Edinburgh in 2017 and enjoyed the science and the city so much she progressed to a PhD here. Jennifer continues to work as a Specialist in referral practices and Universities throughout the UK, during her PhD, which will complete in 2021.

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