Beyond the gas: Advanced anaesthesia techniques in small animals

7 weeksAnaesthesia & Analgesia9 CPD hours

This Veterinary Thought Exchange online tutored course takes a deep dive into advanced concepts in anaesthesia that will help you to refine your techniques and take your skills to a new level; having a big impact on your everyday practice.

How can I maintain anaesthesia with intravenous infusions? How should I approach anaesthesia in complex cases like caesarean sections and thoracic surgery? How should I interpret different electrocardiogram and capnogram waveforms? How do I set my ventilator to achieve effective ventilation? How does chronic pain develop and how can we treat it?

The course is run by Felipe Grados (ECVAA Specialist in Anaesthesia). The course runs over a seven-week period and takes around 9 hours to complete. The course is delivered via video webinars and supplemented with discussion forums with the course tutor, giving you the opportunity to ask questions or discuss cases you may be facing in your practice.

Access to this course is for 12 months. The discussion forum will be monitored by Felipe for the duration of the course.

Course Content

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Lesson 1: Anaesthesia without isoflurane: TIVA and PIVA 1 Quiz Available on 30/09/2024 8:00 am 30/09/2024
learning outcomes
  • Difference between inhalant and total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA).
  • When to I use TIVA.
  • Administration and titration of TIVA.
  • The concept of partial intravenous anaesthesia (PIVA).
  • Use of different agents for PIVA.
Lesson 2: Electrocardiography: waveform analysis and treatment 1 Quiz Available on 07/10/2024 8:00 am 07/10/2024
learning outcomes
  • Interpreting the basic waveform.
  • Diagnosis of arrythmias.
  • Conduction abnormalities.
  • Appropriate treatment of the above.
Lesson 3: Capnography: waveform analysis and treatment 1 Quiz Available on 14/10/2024 8:00 am 14/10/2024
learning outcomes
  • Interpreting the basic waveform.
  • Interpreting different capnograms.
  • Appropriate correction of problems.
Lesson 4: Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation: set up and complications 1 Quiz Available on 21/10/2024 8:00 am 21/10/2024
learning outcomes
  • The concept of IPPV.
  • Different types of mechanical ventilators.
  • How to set up the variables to achieve effective and safe ventilation.
Lesson 5: Anaesthesia management in thoracic surgery 1 Quiz Available on 28/10/2024 8:00 am 28/10/2024
learning outcomes
  • Types of procedure and their effect on the anaesthesia management.
  • Intraoperative ventilation management (including recruitment manœuvre).
  • Intraoperative analgesia management.
  • Simple locoregional techniques.
  • Post-operative complications and their management.
Lesson 6: Anaesthesia management in pregnancy and caesarean sections 1 Quiz Available on 04/11/2024 8:00 am 04/11/2024
learning outcomes
  • Physiology of pregnancy.
  • Anaesthetising the pre-term pregnant patient for a non obstetric procedure.
  • Anaesthetising the term pregnant patient for caesarean section.
  • Neonate resuscitation.
Lesson 7: Chronic pain: Development and treatment 1 Quiz Available on 11/11/2024 8:00 am 11/11/2024
learning outcomes
  • Chronic pain concept.
  • Peripheral and central sensitisation.
  • Wind-up as a contributing process to central sensitisation.
  • Pain pathway and treatment options.

Meet the speakers

Felipe Grados

Anaesthesia Specialist

I discovered my passion for anaesthesia already as a veterinary student. I got the chance to learn and be involved with it while doing placement in a first opinion clinic at the same time as I study for my degree. I then qualified from the University of Leon (Spain) in 2011, which I followed with a Master’s Degree in Research. I then moved to UK to pursue the exciting path of specialisation. I completed an internship in Small Animal Anaesthesia at the University of Liverpool in 2015, which I followed by a ECVAA residency in Veterinary Anaesthesia at the University of Edinburgh. After completing my residency in 2018, I worked for two years at Dick White Referrals as a clinical fellow. In 2020 I moved to Wear Referrals, where I currently work as a clinician in Veterinary Anaesthesia. I was awarded my ECVAA diploma in 2021.

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