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A practical approach to managing toxicities in small animal practice (2023)

On-demand 8 weeks | £250+VAT

ECC | 10 CPD hours

Dealing with animals that have ingested toxins can be one of the most stressful and challenging situations for us, when working in small animal practice. With this new tutored, interactive…

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Critical care chronicles: Emergency medicine explained!

Starts on 05/02/2024 10 weeks | £250+VAT

ECC | 12 CPD hours

Emergency & Critical Care is an exciting topic that challenges the clinician to be prepared and organised for the unexpected arrival of emergency cases. This course will broadly cover coagulation…

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Rapid response: Empowering RVNs in emergency medicine and anaesthesia

Starts on 15/04/2024 10 weeks | £250+VAT

Veterinary Nursing | ECC | 12 CPD hours

Emergency & Critical Care and the anaesthesia of critical patients is an exciting and yet often daunting challenge that RVNs face on a regular basis in practice.  This course has…

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