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Reply To: Rottweiler Radiographs!

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Replying to Siriol B. 15/09/2023 - 10:29

Here is the full radiography report:

There are no skeletal abnormalities

There is a an alveolar pattern with air bronchograms affecting predominently the right middle lung lobe. The other lung lobes are unremarkable.
The cardiac silhouette is within normal limits. There are no abnormalities in the cranial mediastinum, the oesophagus is mildly dilated with air on the left lateral view. The diaphragmatic line is clear on the right lateral view but obscured on the left lateral view.

There is moderate ingesta and a small structure of bone opacity in the stomach. There is mild gas in the colon as expected. The remaining abdominal organs are unremarkable

DDx aspiration pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, haemorrhage, less likely oedema, torsion or neoplastic infiltrate