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Hope you are well. This is a great question. There is real debate regarding the significance of folate. Honestly, it is much less often significantly decreased compared with cobalamin. What was the cobabalamin level in this case? Many of the problems associated with low folate and cobalamin come from human literature. An equivalent relationship between hypocobalaminemia or hypofolatemia and hematologic changes in small animal veterinary species has not been established, although reports of anisocytosis, macrocytosis, anemia, or pancytopenia in association with hypocobalaminemia do exist.

Honestly, I would supplement folate if low in most GI cases. It is a very safe thing to do. I would normally use the oral Cobalaplex product from Protein as it will supplement folate and cobalamin.

How are you supplementing the cobalamin in this case?

Scott 🙂