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Reply To: Intranasal maropitant!

Simon Patchett

Hey Scott,

I had actually looked into do this for two kittens I was treating recently. On reading around I found the following from the shelter medicine section at the University of Maddison-Wisconsin

“As there is no data to support its use in treating congestion at this time, I cannot speak to how effective it may be or any potential side effects”

It’s quite a PC statement and I thought it odd they’d choose to say that whilst also decribing how it might be used… providing a dilution and dose etc.

I opted to not use at that time point… I hadn’t found anything on a literature research recently Is there anything I have missed? Any conference abstracts or presentations?
With limited options for decongestants and with cats being obligate nasal breathers would you recommend using it? Are there other things you would reach for first?