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Thanks again for your amazing answer here.

I just wanted to shar the full report from the pathologist:

Site Liver

Microscopic Description

Liver: Preservation is moderate and nucleated cellularity is low to moderate. Slide no4 contains
predominantly dense blood. The remaining scans contain variable amounts of fresh blood and small lipid
spaces. There are low to moderate numbers of well-differentiated hepatocytes arranged in sheets and clusters. Low numbers of erythrocytes and focal clusters contain low numbers of small clear punctate
vacuoles. There is rare focal moderate intracanalicullar bile stasis (bile casts). There are rare isolated
slender fusiform mesenchymal cells (presumed to be fibroblasts). Streaked nuclear material is frequently
associated with a parasite clusters and, in these areas, neutrophils and small lymphocytes occasionally
appear overrepresented. Infectious agents and atypical cells are not identified.

Microscopic Interpretation

Moderate focal cholestasis. Mild focal discrete vacuolar change.


Aspirates have harvested predominantly fresh blood however, within the hepatocytes there is evidence to
support cholestasis and although this is focal, it is moderate. The mild indiscrete vacuolar change is
non-specific and may be associated with elevated metabolic stress associated with inflammation of
varying aetiologies (hepatic and nonhepatic), as well as metabolic disease (e.g. pancreatitis).
Overt inflammation and infectious agents are not identified however this is a relatively small sample. The
fibroblast presence may be compatible with fibrosis however, this requires histopathology for definitive
diagnosis. Given the slightly increased numbers of leukocytes associated with hepatocytes, although overall
leukocyte numbers do not appear elevated mild inflammation cannot be excluded. Biopsy with
histopathology for evaluation of tissue architecture and tissue culture may be of value should changes

You basically were spot on!

Scott 🙂