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Replying to scott@vtx-cpd.com 24/09/2021 - 09:57


I am posting some more images and blood results for this case on behalf of Emma:

Yes the haematology and electrolytes were unremarkable and biochemistry as follows:
Glucose: 6.12 (4.11-7.95)
Crea 70 (44-159)
Urea 3.4 (2.5-9.6)
BUN 12
Phos 0.95 (0.81-2.2)
Ca 2.67 (1.98-3)
TP 59 (52-82)
Alb 28 (23-40)
Glob 31 (25-45)
ALT 194 (10-125) HIGH
ALP 624 (23-212) HIGH
GGT 20 (0-11) HIGH
Tbil 2 (0-15)
Chol 4.75 (2.84-8.26)

There’s no evidence of an insulinoma/glucagonoma based on these bloods, but it couldn’t be excluded.

I have uploaded some still ultrasound images to the following links (a couple of liver, the left adrenal gland, duodenum and the hepatic LN, I’m not sure how well they will be labelled after I’ve cropped them)


Sadly I think finances are limited, so PTS might be the next step.

Other options we could consider would be symptomatic treatment (analgesia, anti-emetics and skin treatment) alongside hepatoprotectants and amino acid infusions.

Because this case isn’t diabetic Prednisolone could also be considered to try and manage the skin disease.