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Reply To: Phenobarbital toxicity

Areti Tsioka

Replying to Emma Holt 19/08/2021 - 13:55

Hi Emma,

I started the dog on prednisolone while i transitioned, over 1 week, from pheno to levetiracetam , because his platelets were zero so i was terified. He responded really quickly and in 1 week his platelets were back to.normal and remained normal while i took him gradually off the steroids but i think that probably the plt were going to go back to normal even without the steroids only by withdrawn the pheno as they went back to.normal quickly in comparison with IMTP that need weeks of steroids. Unfortunally the dog came on status epilepticus couple of days later so i increased the keppra and once stable started on Kbr as well. Now he is doing really well (so far 🤞🤞)