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Reply To: dystocia much?

Sybil Dryburgh

I think a much more humane approach to staff would be to let them get the owner to sign a form promising to pay, and then deal with it later. All not paid up front C sections should be with spay included.
That way the bitch wins twice
The puppies get a chance
The owner might pay if the puppies are sold

If we do not spay at the time, the bitch may well end up back somewhere else in a short space of time with the same well – rehearsed sob story.

I have had ONE breeder in a long and inglorious career arrive with bitch in whelp, not too far gone, with appropriate wads of cash in hand. I did not know what to think or even do I have become so programmed to have a bit of a row. All was well except for the swimmers and clefts…which they elected to put down on the spot
So to expect or demand that breeders do this is to think they may all be capable of a PhD or being a test -pilot or even reading and writing.
We need to worry about overstretched burnt out cynical staff more than we worry about idiot breeders.