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Reply To: Radiography Quiz!

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Thank you so much everyone for your answers. I summarised the imaging findings below.

The cardiac comments were really interesting. My thoughts about enlargement too. We did echo this dog and found the cardiovascular structures to be normal. No heart disease noted. I obviously had the benefit of that information!:

1. Diffusely within all of the lungs there is severe poorly defined increased opacity, forming ill-defined micro-nodular/miliary-like pattern with peribronchial cuffing.
2. The cardiovascular structures are wnl.
3. The mediastinal and pleural structures are wnl.
4. The visible cranial abdomen is unremarkable.


1. Severe diffuse predominantly unstructured interstitial to miliary/micronodular lung pattern Ddx pulmonary haemorrhage, haemangiosarcoma metastases (no obvious splenic mass/peritoneal effusion in cranial abdomen), non-cardiogenic pulmonary oedema (neurogenic cause), less likely lymphoma/granulomatous disease with absence of regional lymphadenomegaly, less likely parasitic such as angiostrongylus/eosinophilic bronchopneumopathy/pulmonary fibrosis with absence of lower airway signs.

So the cardiac size may have been a normal variant for this dog.

Hope this all helps.

Scott xxx