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Reply To: Cardiac measurements under GA (what does the ga do?)

Emma Holt

Thanks Liz. Yes this is very helpful (and also not too complicated for my brain on a Friday!).

In this case La:a, EPSS, LVIDd were all normal (on my measurements), but I said to re-assess and repeat a scan (with a cardiologist!) conscious, if the radiographs came back with any further concerns.

I did take an M-mode trace at the level of the papillary muscles (I thought I had nothing to loose), but didn’t do the measurements at the time because the dog was under GA and I thought it wouldn’t be representative (it looked pretty flat), interestingly I’ve just done the measurements and they are all within normal limits which surprises me given she had a dom and meth pre-med and was maintained on Sevo.

Thanks again