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Reply To: Cardiac measurements under GA (what does the ga do?)

Liz Bode

Hi Emma,

Good question!

It really depends on your premed, induction and inhalational agents. There are many publications on the effects of various sedative agents on heart function. Generally, things like opioids do very little, even ACP and alfaxalone. Obviously, any alpha2 can, especially on systolic function.

Generally, I think that GA does not overly affect heart size but it will have the potential to alter systolic (and perhaps diastolic) function. Therefore, if chamber sizes are normal then they are normal, but you cannot tell anything about systolic function from your echo.

If the dog had increased chamber size then this may be real. However, I would always want to repeat an echo without sedatives/ GA if any abnormalities were present, where possible.

Hope that helps a little.