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Reply To: Interesting Case

Liz Bode

Hi all,

I, obviously, love a heart worm case – although I have only ever seen one case of it in the UK. I have had advice calls about them and seen some cases when I was doing an externship in US. The case I saw was also a rescue from Romania and presented to me OOH as a resident in Edinburgh (where you’d least expect heart worm to be) with 3rd degree AV block. When we imaged it there was endocarditis (unrelated to heart worm, but probably myocarditis as an extension of the endocarditis was the cause of the AV block – the aortic valve is anatomically very close to the AV node). We took bloods and, routinely, did blood smears which a student looked at first for me – they came back to say they could see worms!!! We were so surprised – there were loads of microfilaria squirming around in the dog’s blood! We treated the heart worm, endocarditis and the dog did much better than we thought. The 3rd degree AV block even resolved and so we did not need to place a pacemaker.

Just thought I’d share a case with a more positive outcome ?