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Really interesting question but really frustrating cases! I have seen a couple and not had any survive sadly. Anderson Moores are currently the leading centre for research and have some useful information:


Anderson Moores will also offer a type of free PM service if the dog is PTS. THe main components of treatment are supportive:

1. IVFT to maintain perfusion/hydration. Be careful not to fluid overload if AKI. It is helpful to place urinary catheter and measure urine output. If anuric then furosemide could be considered but must be used with care.

2. I would administer antibiotics (amox/clav) IV is unwell and hospitalised.

3. other supportive care would include anagesia and maropitant.

4. I would be careful with doing too much topically with the skin wounds. I am a massive fan of Vetericyn spray for these sorts of situations.

5. Keep a close eye on electrolytes and obviously manage deficiencies appropriately.

6. There have been reports of the use of therapeutic plasma exchange (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6060235/). This procedure is only available in the UK at the RVC and Vets Now Glasgow.

Can you send some pictures of the skin lesions?

Hope that helps.

Scott 🙂