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Reply To: Gabapentin in cats prior to vet visit!

Liz Bode

Hi Scott,
The medics are behind the curve 😉 Cardiologist’s have been using gabapentin in cats for ages pre-echo. It works for some and not for others (although always worth a try) and we tend to use a dose of 50-100mg/cat 1-2 hours pre-appointment. I think we also need to be careful in cats with renal disease as it is exclusively. excreted via the kidneys. I thought there had been an abstract on echo parameters and gabapentin, but I can’t find one. There has, however, been one on trazadone and they found that it worked in some cases and avoided the need for other sedatives. However, it did significantly lower BP (although BP was taken in cats prior to use so it makes sense that BP would be lower after trazadone if they are less stressed!). I’ve never used trazadone in cats though.
Liz 🙂