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Reply To: Case Report

Liz Bode

Hi Annette,

Case report writing can be really tricky. You have to do a few for your Cert. Here are some of my tips;
– make sure it has some structure – signalment, history, clinical exam (thoroughly reported and if something was normal state that), problems, differentials, diagnostics, treatment, discussion etc
– structure your differential list as you point out and highlight the most likely differentials for the problem. Put them in order of likelihood.
– during the case report state why certain differentials are excluded by your findings
– you can group differentials together or state that things like anorexia are due to the underlying condition.
– don’t reference apart from in the discussion (only very rarely do you need to reference elsewhere)
– state facts and only discuss aspects of the case in the discussion
– stick to the word count
– follow the guidelines that they provide you (you’ll be amazed how often people don’t do this)
– it doesn’t have to be a perfect case but where there are gaps due to e.g. financial limitations make sure you point these out

Hope that is helpful 🙂 good luck and remember you can post any interesting cases you have one here.

Best wishes