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Thanks Sybil.

Megaoesophagus indeed! Initially, I was a bit confused as I thought there was a problem in the cranial lung fields. Turns out this was just all the food material in the oesophagus obscuring the lung fields!

After first assessment the cat had a general anaesthetic to undergo CT and angiography. Before this procedure, a blood sample was taken for biochemistry and did not show any abnormalities. The CT revealed marked and diffuse dilation with ventral pouching (diverticulum) of the oesophagus. The diverticulum was filled with food and part of bones . No vascular ring anomaly were detected. We then attempt upper-GI endoscopy, however that was extremely difficult due to the presence of lots of food in the cervical area of the oesophagus. For this reason was not possible to assess the oesophagus entirely.

Diagnosis: Megaoesophagus and oesophageal diverticulum

Any thoughts on the cause in such a young kitten?

Scott 🙂