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Reply To: NT-proBNP in Labradors

Sophie Ponter

I haven’t seen any labs with NT proBNP levels that high – I think if I had done before now I probably would have been going down the echo/beg a friendly cardiologist for help route…

Would love to use NT proBNP a bit more often (I’m a bit prone to forgetting it exists!).

The article mentions that the variability of NT-proBNP from day-to-day can be quite substantial – is this still the case even if DCM is present (i.e. could it theoretically waver either side of the top of the reference range if it is just starting out)?
So if one is suspicious of occult DCM, is there a value to serial sampling in Labradors or other breeds or is it of more use to progress to echocardiography? Or both?