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Reply To: Ranitidine

Simon Patchett

Hi Gail,

You got me thinking about what evidence there is for ranitidine use in rabbits, it’s something I was taught to give at university and have used it in practice without ever really looking for an evidence base.

So evidence wise, I found this (amongst others)… as you said largely a prokinetic, and a convincing one at that!


In this paper they removed the intestines of rabbits duodenum to rectum and then assessed its contractility in an organ bath following administration of ranitidine. Ranitidine demonstrates a concentration dependent contractile effect on the duodenum, ileum and ascending colon. They also looked at whether cisapride potentiated the effect (main aim of the paper) and concluded that up to a certain threshold it did but thereafter it actually antagonised the effects of ranitidine. There aren’t any doses in the paper but I think it nicely demonstrates the effects of the medication.

Hope that it is of interest..!
Simon 🙂