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Reply To: catheter use in blocked cats

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This is a brilliant question. Thank you for posting. I have tried to answer as many of the points as possible below:

There is a good post started about Slippery Sam catheters generally. I think there is a question now over using these catheters beyond initial unblocking.

Overall, the presence of a urinary catheter can predispose to infection as a result of ascending migration of bacteria into the bladder. Contamination of the bladder can also occur during catheter placement. I think it is also important to remember that the duration of catheterisation should be as short as possible. In humans the prompt catheter removal is considered one of the most infection prevention tools.

I think you are right about the repeated sedations, especially when it is questionable why the cat is having the urinary catheter changed at this regularity. A closed collection system is definitely the best way of managing these cases.

Overall, I am struggling to understand the need for regular catheter changes. One catheter placed aseptically and removed when no longer needed should be sufficient.

Hope that helps.

Scott x