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Reply To: Slippery Sams in blocked cats – how do we spread the news?

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This is a really good point. I have just been downstairs to check out what the data sheet actually says currently…


I think the issue was that when these catheters first came out there was no issue using them as longer term indwelling catheter. It was only after there was some instances of detachment that there became an issue. As Gail has said, the data sheen now specifically says that:

“the catheter and silicone hub are not permanently affixed to each other. The hub can be secured to the patient using the secure holes, but it is advised not to leave the catheter in place for more than 6 hours and the patient must be observed at all times”

The biggest problem comes now that the data sheet says this, we would have little come back if the catheter detached and we had to surgically retrieve from the bladder.

Hope that helps.

Scott x