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Reply To: Vertebral Heart Scores

Gail Smith

Thanks Scott

My issue with cats is this. dyspnoeic cats get really stressed and I cannot think of a time when a conscious radiograph I possible with these guys, even if they are well enough. Guidance on the EEC courses is hands-off with these types of cats and as little handling as possible under these circumstances until they are stable, which means we need to use other means of diagnostics to get them to that stage. even a TFAST on these guys can be a challenge. On the other hand sedation or anaesthetic drugs may pose some risks in these types of patients.

Im also wondering if the focus from ECC clinicians would lead to this. During my observations the TFAST is used to determine the presence of free fluid prodominently and many people do not feel confident enough to make detailed diagnosis apart from gross anatomy abnormalities. Would this type of assessment be more appropriate after the stabilisation stage by a specialist who would undertake further detailed diagnosis to screen for underlying nature of the heart disease and severity?