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Reply To: Fecal microbiota transplantation in puppies with canine parvovirus infection

Gail Smith

I just wondered about how one establishes ‘healthly’ donors? As a nurse we are exposed to a multitude of “nutrition” sins, particularly in 1st opinion practices where the mainstay of nurse clinics are weight clinics. As a result it is clear that there is little understanding of the importance of appropriate nutrition with owners feeding their animals sub-std ‘off the shelf’ diets packed with e numbers and salt, commercial raw diets which (lets face it) demosntrate little explanation as to what is in them. Not to mention the owners who swear blind that an obese Fluffy gets no human food then after the hour long consult it transpires that sausages and bacon are actually on the menu.

The point iof this post is that if we are not giving our animals healthy nutrition, are our donors not at risk of being ‘faecally unhealthy’ without us knowing or without there being a test for it?