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In this week’s podcast episode, we are talking to the brilliant Liv of @vetgonereal. We talk all about her journey through veterinary medicine, from an aspiring surgeon to a qualified coach teaching veterinary teams about the power of positive psychology.  We discuss the power of divorcing the expectations we put on ourselves, and how emotions are not as simple as good and bad or positive and negative. What does it really mean to live your life with purpose and show up as your authentic self?  Liv graduated in 2016 from a university in Poland and shortly after graduation moved to the United Kingdom. Throughout her career, Liv has been mentoring and providing mental health support to her colleagues. This passion for veterinary wellbeing led her to undertake a masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University.


Based on several years of veterinary and peer-support experience, combined with Positive Psychology and EQ training, Liv created the Vet Gone Real platform. Liv specialises in veterinary wellbeing and emotional intelligence. She works with both individuals and practices to help them understand how positive psychology can improve their team dynamics and improve psychological safety and build thriving workplace cultures.


You can find out more about Liv’s platform Vet Gone Real below: