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In this week’s podcast episode we are so excited to be chatting Dr Louisa Lane, also known as @louisa_the_vet. We talk about Louisa’s love for veterinary medicine as well as balancing life as a new mother and an aspiring gardener! Louisa talks about her love of teaching, mentoring, learning, exotic vets and floating fish. Louisa studied at the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science graduating with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree and a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine degree. In 2013 she worked at a small animal hospital in Lancashire where she found her love for Internal Medicine and mentoring fellow veterinarians. After being appointed Senior Veterinary Surgeon she completed an advanced qualification in Internal Medicine achieving a post graduate certificate in Veterinary Professional Studies, and certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice in Small Animal Medicine.


Louisa has a fantastic following on her social media Instagram page (@louisa_the_vet) where she shares her veterinary cases to an audience of almost 30,000. Due to the feedback she received, her passion for mentoring and inspiring others, in 2019 she launched her own veterinary mentoring programme that she runs remotely. ‘Your Vet Coach’ was set up to support vets all over the world in their transition from veterinary student to practitioner (https://www.louisathevet.co.uk/).


In our clinical CPD segment today Scott continues a series of discussions regarding all things coagulation! Today we focus on disorders of secondary coagulation; the clotting cascade and beyond.