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In this week’s podcast episode we have the pleasure of talking to the amazing Cat Auden about doing the right thing, because it is the right thing to do. Cat is a veterinary surgeon and Head of Collaboration at VetLed.  After working in general practice for a number of years, Cat joined the growing team at VetLed. Keen to combine her experience in practice with a passion for optimising clinical performance, Cat now works to develop and deliver specific, industry-relevant Human Factors training for veterinary teams across the country, with a view to improving both clinical performance and patient safety.​


Cat is keen to see how we can grow and develop as a profession through learning from and collaborating with other caring yet safety-critical professions and has a particular interest in the concept of psychological safety in the workplace and its impact on team performance. Cat strongly believes that equipping the current generation and educating the next generation of veterinary professionals in Human Factors is essential to continuing to move forward and develop as a profession.


In our clinical CPD segment today Scott continues a series of discussion regarding all things coagulation! Today we focus on disorders of primary coagulation, particularly immune mediated thrombocytopenia.