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In this week’s podcast episode we chat to the wonderful Sophie White (@veterinary_behaviour_support). We chat to Sophie about struggling to find her spot at the beginning of her career and how she finally found her place in the world of behaviour.  Sophie graduated from the RVC in 2011 going on to work in a variety of small animal roles. In 2019 she completed a masters degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the University of Lincoln. She spent the following year gaining hands on experience working as a Training and Behaviour Advisor for Dogs Trust before founding her own company Veterinary Behaviour Support. Her particular areas of interest are dogs with human directed aggression and pets who have interlinked medical and behavioural issues.


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In our clinical CPD segment we continue our series of chats about the investigation and management of lower urinary tract disease. This week Scott rounds off the discussion regarding urolith management, focusing on urate and cystine uroliths in dogs.