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We are so honoured in this week’s podcast episode to be joined by the amazing Dr. Dennis DeNicola. He shares stories of his amazing career in veterinary medicine and reminds us all the that best advice is ‘don’t worry and be happy’. Dr. DeNicola shares his passion for clinical pathology and veterinary education as well as how he has contributed to the development of the blood machines that we have come to rely on in practice. Dr. DeNicola was a Professor of Clinical Pathology at Purdue University as well as Chief Veterinary Educator at IDEXX laboratories.


We want to say a massive thank you to IDEXX for their support of this podcast. For more information about IDEXX haematology:




In our clinical segment we continue a series of discussions about the investigation of anaemia with our very own Scott. This week we discuss the investigation and management of non-regenerative anaemia.