Journal Club (issue 3): Urinary catheters and antibiotics

Journal Club | 29 mins

Urethral catheterisation is a common procedure in veterinary medicine and a critical component of the management of some patients. However, as a urethral catheter acts as a direct communication between the external environment and the bladder, catheterisation is associated with an inherent risk of bacteriuria or bacterial cystitis. In this journal club be review the literature surrounding this topic and determine when antibiotic use is appropriate.

Meet the speakers

Scott Kilpatrick

Director, Internal Medicine Specialist

Scott graduated from Edinburgh Vet School in 2007. Initially, he worked for the PDSA, before taking a Senior Veterinary Surgeon position with Vets Now in Edinburgh in 2010. Scott started his residency in internal medicine at the University of Edinburgh in 2012 after completing a year as a Teaching Fellow in Anatomy and Physiology. He completed his residency in 2016 after finishing his Masters in the pathogenesis of canine liver disease and has since been working in referral practice. Interventional radiology is something that really interests Scott and he spent some time in 2018, working in this area at UC Davis in California. Scott has created and delivered a Post-graduate Certificate in Small Animal Emergency Medicine in association with the University of Surrey. Scott is currently the Head of Internal Medicine at Wear Referrals.

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