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Liz Rafter

I think the Borgeat paper is a good representation of what happens to these cats in practice. Using ‘big data’ (although perhaps not the best example of this) is really important and something that VetCompass and SAVSNET are doing really well. The Hogan paper is more idealistic, and it’s selection criteria would have selected for those cases that were going to do better. I don’t think it was unreasonable to exclude the unstable CHF cases as it could skew the data and detract from their primary aim. However, it does bias the results somewhat towards survival with ATE.
It will be interesting to see the results of the SUPER CAT study, although I think they are struggling to recruit cases in the UK.
There is no good data from first event with standardised treatment that I’m aware of (there is very little in the literature at all on FATE). This would be far more informative, we just need some willing volunteer to get a study like that up and running….with some funding! Standardising treatment will always be challenging given that different clinicians would need to be involved and treatment regimes vary based on presentation eg if they have an arrhythmia, but it would still be nice to look at.

Thanks for your thoughts, some great discussion points that make me realise how little we really know about treating this disease.